Babboe cargo bikes

The Babboe cargo bike is the initiative of a number of parents who wanted to have a cargo bike but considered the cargo bikes available at the time too expensive. They therefore decided to develop their own top quality, yet affordable, cargo bike. The first Babboe cargo bikes were realised and sold in 2007. We listen carefully to other parents and customers, and are constantly on the lookout for product improvements and new (accessory) ideas.


Buy a Babboe cargo bike?

Babboe, Bakfiets, Big, Kids

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The Babboe cargo bikes

Babboe, Bakfiets, Big, Kids

Babboe has a wide range of 2-wheel and 3-wheel cargo bikes that are also available as electric models.

Why a Babboe cargo bike?

Babboe, Bakfiets, Big, Kids

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